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PlacesToGo.Directory is meant to promote local businesses, and to enable local businesses to draw the attention of local, and international, visitors to the services, and products provided by local businesses.
Worldwide visitors are looking for local products and services before they leave home for their holiday, vacation leave, or a business trip. This can vary from people looking for accommodations, business services, the local chamber of commerce or entertainment, etc.

It is essential, important, to list your business in this directory to receive inquiries, bookings and reservations. Please be aware that it can take up to 6 months to approve and activate your free listing due to the immense volume in free listings (860 pending free listings most of the time). Your listing will not go live on the site in this period of time. Paid listings are always reviewed within 1 day.

PlacesToGo.Directory is a business directory and travel guide that makes it possible for global visitors when they are planning a business trip, vacation or other travel activity, to search and find local suppliers, and services providers, in the destinations that they have in mind. Improve your local and international prominence, traffic and business leads, then get your business listed on our directory!

When you want to add specific places to go, travel, destinations, hotels, b&b's, inns, guest houses, travel agencies in certain regions, etc. click here and select one of the countries you want to list in and take it from there. You can add additional categories that would match your listing best when you are creating your listing. When you require assistance, contact us here.

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